Plio breathes new life into your quality initiative

With single sign-on to multiple accounts, fast switching between screens and convenient daily summaries, Plio helps organize and streamline your quality program.

Plio provides an organizing system for quality management, with slick UI design and fast 1 minute setup. Unlike spreadsheets and email, it ties together your standards, nonconformities, corrective and preventative actions into easily-monitored workflows.

Plio is the first quality management software that fully exploits the benefits of remote working. Use Plio to reinvigorate your quality efforts.

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Key features

Define and share standards

For each of your critical business processes, write down procedures for the best ways to perform them. Create (or import) your quality policies and procedures. Organise these documents with version control and put them where your team can find them.

Reduce your workload

Plio takes the drudgery out of managing a quality improvement program. It acts as a virtual assistant, notifying team members of upcoming deadlines and overdue tasks. It's built-in database provides a convenient structure for maintaining your key quality records, read for inspection and audit.

Manage risks

Risks that aren't controlled turn into negative surprises, jeopardising your business goals. Plio gives you a proactive framework for identifying and dealing with key risks.

Link in to your key goals

Your quality program will usually be driven by a number of key operational goals. Define these in Plio, and Plio will help your team to track their key actions against each of these goals.

Track nonconformities and corrective actions

Dealing with problems and issues in a disciplined way improves your efficiency, your quality and your regulatory compliance. Plio tracks this within a lean and ISO-compliant continuous improvement system.

Customize to fit your needs

Customise Plio to fit the particular characteristics of your organization. You can configure your organization structure, your workflows, your notification rules and your operations dashboard.

Multiple users, multiple organizations

Implement a separate Plio workspace for each of your organization units so your teams can focus on what is most important to them.

Easy data export

Use our data export facility to export to Microsoft Excel or other software.

This lets you analyze and present your Plio operational data in any way you like.

Plio for CEOs

Sometimes it can be hard to engage the CEO in creating awareness of your quality initiative and lending it the necessary support. Plio gives CEOs a high level view of the organization, based on the widely-used Strategyzer Business Model Canvas, allowing them to visualise the key elements of your quality program and how they link in to high level organisational priorities.