The Covid pandemic has revealed new ways of getting things done.
We can harness this learning to our benefit.

Many of us have had to carry out our quality or compliance work remotely because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Now that the lockdowns are ending, the new ways of working that we’ve been forced to adopt have been quite an eye-opener. We’ve learned that there are alternative and maybe better ways to get things done so long as we have the right tools.Indeed, remote working tools like Zoom or Microsoft Teams have become a normal part of our working lives.

A quality professional needs to be able to verify that the right processes and procedures are being followed, as part of a continuous improvement cycle. In the new world, this doesn’t change. However, what does change is the way this is achieved. Techniques first adopted for remote working in the pandemic are now being seen as best practices as business returns to normal.

Inspired by this, the team at Plio has designed a new, minimum-friction QMS system which is optimised to the needs of remote working. We’ve designed in capabilities for very fast switching between screens, convenient daily summaries, real time update of data and single sign on to multiple accounts. Plio is also, designed from the ground up to work well on laptops, tablets and smartphones, a common failing of other QMS systems.

Like any shiny new software, Plio can be used as a motivating tool to refresh and breathe new life into your company’s program. Unlike some shiny new software, Plio is extensively tested to ensure reliability and security. It is being successfully used in a range of customer organisations large and small.

Using Plio, business managers and quality consultants can spend more time doing useful work with less time wasted setting up meetings and travelling between meetings. With Plio, you spend less time travelling to quality or compliance meetings. You see convenient daily snapshots of quality activities. You can give a faster response to questions raised by the business. You can multi-task more efficiently, supporting more organisational units with a more agile response.

At Plio, we look forward to helping you move to a more efficient, less time-intensive way of managing your quality or compliance program.



Our Team

Steve Ives

Steve’s interest in management systems started at Wharton, where he studied for his MBA.  He then tried to apply what he’d learned, with varying degrees of success, in two startups that he founded in the early days of the mobile internet.  Founder of Trigenix, a mobile software company which was acquired by Qualcomm Inc. Loves cycling and the Cotswold hills.

Jack Herbert

Jack is a freelance web designer based in Cambridge, UK.  He spent four year working and studying in Japan before returning to Cambridge.  Jack created the first Plio user interface prototypes before any code was written, and helped to refine the initial designs into a simpler and more usable product. While not designing, Jack is a long suffering supporter of Crystal Palace Football Club.

Mike Rokosh

Mike is a project manager and business analyst for Apiko Software OU, an Eastern European software development company. Mike leads the small team of software engineers who created the Plio system. Outside of work, Mike enjoys snowboarding and the occasional game of tennis.

James Ives

Creator of several successful web sites, James is a cofounder of Plio Ltd.  Has strong opinions on what makes a site work (or fail) from a user perspective. Always experimenting with the latest tools, tips and techniques for driving user acquisition.  Loves rowing, past member of University of London and UCL eights crews.