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Plio removes the drudgery from managing your compliance program

Plio automates time-consuming, haphazard processes that depend on spreadsheets & email. Plio supports the requirements of ISO 19600.

Spreadsheets waste time and lead to errors and omissions

Most smaller financial services firms start by using spreadsheets to manage their compliance programs, using them to register breaches (nonconformities) and and then to follow up corrective actions with email. This takes a lot of time and self-discipline. It's easy for key deadlines to get missed and for your team to lose focus on key compliance issues.

Hiring a consultant is not a sufficient solution

Compliance consultants do a great job in setting up your initial documentation and getting you through your first audit. However they can only allocate you a limited amount of their time. Once they've gone, Plio helps keep your team engaged and your initiative on track. Ask your compliance consultant to put your documents and actions in Plio.


Not getting on top of compliance will hit your bottom line

If you don't operate a disciplined compliance management system then root causes are not tackled and problems will recur. Regulators can and do impose severe penalties for regulatory breaches. Remedial action programs are expensive and your reputation will suffer. This all hits your bottom line. The time to take action is now.

Plio acts as your constant virtual assistant

It tracks follow-up actions, sends reminders so that you don't have to do all the chasing. Plio brings all your records into a single online database for easier access, reporting and audit.

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Plio keeps track of your compliance workload

Plio gives you out-of-the-box workflows for managing your compliance breaches (nonconformities) and risks, saving you time. These workflows include root cause analysis, assignment of corrective actions and verification of effectiveness. Plio coordinates your work items and monitors deadlines for team members.

Plio is surprisingly simple to use

Plio is a hands-on tool that your whole team can understand and use. It's been designed for front line managers and administrators who are not compliance management specialists. Our customers like the fact that Plio keeps things simple and doesn't try to give you lots of complicated features that don't need.


Plio takes just 2 minutes to set up

Setting up a Plio account is quick because it's already pre-configured for managing compliance in financial services. Plio gives you a customizable structure where you can slot in your compliance standards documents and risk lists. This simplifies and streamlines the setup process, making Plio especially suited to small and mid-sized financial services firms.


Affordable for any size financial services business

Plio price plans start from $45 (£33) per team per month for 2 users, rising to $90 (£66) per month for 5 users and $250 (£195) per month for 20 users. There are no upfront costs or hidden extras and we don't tie you in to long term subscriptions.

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Plio keeps your compliance management data safe and secure

Plio is built on top of a secure database. Data is encrypted at rest and in over the air, so your data is always secure. If you need to, you can export your data out of Plio to use in other applications, so there is no lock-in.

Plio is well supported

We provide high quality email-based support from people who understand compliance management systems from a financial services perspective. We aim to provide a 1 hour response time to all support requests.

If you're not quite sure how to get started, check out our Help Center (available after signup, access via the Plio home screen) or request a free Skype 1:1 tutorial session.

Don't take our word for it, listen to our customers

Clifton Group is an expanding financial services business offering an array of solutions to businesses and individuals in the UK. Compliance with the FCA regulatory framework is a key business priority. Plio provides a great user experience and, importantly, provides the functionality to ensure that all essential activities (evaluation, root cause analysis, treatment, etc) are addressed and evidenced by clear audit trails. The ability to do this will undoubtedly help us demonstrate a strong compliance culture to clients, staff and regulators”
Ian Scaife

Compliance manager, Clifton Group

We tried several systems before someone recommended Plio to us. We had historically used spreadsheets and documents, which gradually became unwieldy, we also wanted to make our management system 'active' in the way it related to users specific roles.

We have found that Plio is really easy to use and is very flexible. We have particularly valued Plio's reliability and their openness to enhancement requests, they clearly want to make the system useful to the widest audience possible and the system is updated several times a year without us lifting a finger.

We particularly like the fact that Plio does what it says on the tin and does not try to give us lots of stuff we didn't want or need, which keeps the cost down to a sensible level. I would recommend Plio.”

Miles Corbett

MD, Transition Associates (Plio customer)

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